Trae Johnson

Owner and Founder of Ares Firearms Training, LLC

He has an extensive background in firearms that started as a young boy and continued in the Navy where he served in Combat Search and Rescue. Trae is an NRA certified instructor in all areas. He has been teaching Concealed Weapon Classes for over 3 years. He specializes in all firearms training from .22 to the .50 cal machine gun. Trae is a weapons consultant for many firearms businesses. Trae has trained people in the use of firearms from South America, Central America Bahamas, and the United States included military, law enforcement, and government officials. Trae has trained individuals from private security and aided in bond recovery. He has participated in a variety of gun related events, competitions, and activities. Trae studies Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, FCS (Filipino Knife Fighting) and other martial arts. Trae enjoys breathing compressed air at several atmospheres below sea level and jumping backwards out of a fully functioning airplane at 14,500 feet.

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Julie Johnson

Lead Female Instructor and Range Cordination Master

She went to Arizona to become an NRA and TWAW certified instructor at The Well Armed Woman Certification class. She specializes in teaching women and offers a Women Only Concealed Weapons Class. As a woman, she feels woman should be empowered and educated to protect themselves. Julie has been an elementary school teacher for the past 6 years, and now homeschools. She is combining her passion for firearms and educating children, and will teach children firearm safety and shooting. She is an NRA volunteer for the Eddie Eagle program. Julie loves being a wife, mother, teacher, and business partner. She enjoys being outdoors and new adventures.

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